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Portland, OR
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Located in downtown Portland, Oregon, Knot Studio is a team of Environmental Graphic Designers, Landscape Architects, and Landscape Ecologists seeking opportunities to promote social equity and environmental stewardship.

Come be part of our collaborative design team, working in a historic, light-filled office space in the Glass Lab in Portland’s Central Eastside District. Every member of Knot Studio’s growing staff is creative and passionate about working together to enhance the human experience of place while reinvigorating the natural systems that sustain us.

We work across disciplines and at multiple scales for clients throughout the US and around the world on a wide array of meaningful project types, including higher education, healthcare, government, parks and recreation, workplace, and civic/arts facilities.

Our location is easy to access by bike, on MAX light rail, or via a nice walk across one of Portland’s many bridges.


We are better together. Come join us in the ecosystem of ideas.