Anzelina Coodey

Associate, Environmental Graphic Designer

Working through the various stages of design, Anzelina has a calming effect on her clients. Her quiet confidence instills trust that Anzelina will carefully guide a project from inception to completion. Anzelina possesses patience, as she guides clients to decisions through her own extensive education and impeccable listening skills. Anzelina collaborates with enthusiasm and is known for her dedication to craft. With the benefit of increasingly advanced software and computer aided design, Anzelina moves seamlessly between the physical and built environment and digital/virtual realms. Her eye for design and attention to detail and her ability to assemble large projects into a unified theme, like pieces of a puzzle, are the result of Anzelina’s methodical approach to each project. Of equal importance, Anzelina relies on her innate listening skills as she reaches common ground with every client.

Favorite Knot Color Pairing
University of Connecticut, Bachelor of Arts, Graduated magna cum laude
AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts

SEGD, Society for Experiential Graphic Design