Environmental Graphic Design

Building Resonance

Our work combines communication, art, and environment, working in concert to create memorable and engaging experiences. We’re passionate about the power of storytelling to connect people to place, building environmental resonance, intuitive and equitable wayfinding systems, and cultivating identity through brand and experiential design.

Environmental Graphic Design Portfolio

Revealing Meaning with Graphic Language

Embracing Technology to Enrich Experience

Focusing on the Details and Material Properties

We have an unwavering enthusiasm for collaborative partnerships and the co-mingling of ideas, believing that a welcoming dialogue, diversity of thought, and a holistic perspective can lead to powerful outcomes. With a human-centered approach, we work closely with all partners and stakeholders to create connection and shape experiences that serve community, learning, healing, work, and play.

We provide a comprehensive suite of Environmental Graphic Design services including:

    • Wayfinding Signage & Masterplans
    • Visitor Experience Insight & Analysis
    • Storytelling & Placemaking
    • Branded Environments
    • Identity Design
    • Visual Communication & Information Graphics
    • Interpretive Programs
    • Trailside Signage
    • Donor Appreciation
    • Code-Applied Signage

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Through the orchestration of typography, information, technology, and form, our work provides a critical bridge between communication and place.