Big Rock Candy Mountain

Lake Oswego, OR

Nestled into dramatic basalt cliffs on the north side of Lake Oswego, the residence, originally designed by acclaimed Northwest architect Walter Gordon in 1967, was disconnected from its relationship to the outside and the lake below. The existing basalt formation, which the clients affectionately call the “Big Rock Candy Mountain,” shields the house from the roadway and directs all energy toward the lake. Physical access to the water’s edge is had by descending over 20’ from the home’s main entrance. The lower terraces of the house were small, unusable, and related poorly to Gordon’s architecture.

The landscape architect teamed with a craftsman who understood and appreciated Gordon’s original design intent for the house. The team engaged with the client in an ambitious plan to reconnect the house to the landscape and create functional spaces outside for recreation and entertainment. The result is a landscape worthy of Gordon’s vision of the house: a unified inside and outside in a beautiful lakeside setting.

A Unified Experience in a Beautiful Lakeside Setting

2018 Oregon ASLA Honor Award