Ridgewood View Park and Reservoir 

Beaverton, OR
Walking on Water

Design for a new 8-acre park challenged Knot Studio principals to incorporate local agencies’ complex program elements with public input, resulting in an award-winning park that includes multiple uses.

 In a region where clean water is a proud legacy, the Ridgewood View Park & Reservoir was the first project in Oregon to receive the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s Gold Envision rating for its sustainable design and construction. Knot Studio principals worked closely with Tualatin Valley Water District and the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District to develop a program for the 8-acre park. The project challenged Knot Studio principals to incorporate a series of uses in an elegant response to the clients’ and the public’s desires for a park that will host visitors of all ages. The design includes a picnic shelter, rain gardens, a trail loop through a restored natural area, two bridges, a restroom, drinking fountains, a bocce court, and seating areas. The project also included the construction of a new drinking water reservoir and pump station.

 Through an extensive public-input process, Knot Studio principals participated in public meetings to refine their approach. The public spoke, and the team listened. An extensive series of rain gardens were designed to manage all runoff from impervious surfaces, including the large roof of the reservoir tank. The rain gardens descend from the tank’s roof through a series of concrete and Gabon ramps and connect with an at-grade system of gardens circling the site. In addition, four acres of degraded natural area were restored, and a new trail loop was constructed. Two bridges were installed to bring visitors through the natural area and along the stream bank.

Atop the reservoir, Knot Studio principals designed new tennis and pickleball courts—demonstrating an innovative approach to delivering multiple functions for public use while meeting state and federal requirements for clean reservoir water storage. Knot showed that a reservoir and park could be highly functional while also beautiful, weaving a multitude of public uses into a complex, sustainable design program.

*Project began while Knot Studio Principals were working at another firm

8 acres
Tualatin Valley Water District/Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District
Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure
2016 Envision Gold Award