Stanford University, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Biology Research Building

Palo Alto, CA
Fostering New Patterns of Collaboration

Stanford University’s bold new facility, the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Biology Research Building was designed to foster a growing societal focus on the centrality of science. The building’s comprehensive and interactive placemaking elements reflect shared discovery and encourage collaboration across disciplines. As a gateway to Stanford’s new science quad, the building employs a multisensory program of placemaking and identity to tell the biology story by illustrating the awesome synchronicities found across natural patterns.

Given that a key client challenge was to tell the story of the contemporary culture of science education and research in a non-literal way, the experiential design team’s goal was to inspire campus stakeholders by leveraging every opportunity to teach, discover, and encourage participation amongst students, faculty, and research scientists.  The wayfinding, sign program, and experiential graphic design concept fulfills the project’s mission to convey the beauty and wonder found within the biological sciences without focusing too narrowly on a specific area of research or on the individual researchers themselves.

For a deeper look, see our case study.

134,500 sf
Stanford University
Ennead Architects, Flad Architects