U.S. Embassy Juba

Juba, South Sudan

Knot Studio is currently providing site planning, landscape architecture, and irrigation design services for the new U.S. Embassy in Juba, South Sudan. The design approach to the new embassy campus balances OBO’s goals of transparency, optimism, and resiliency with security, while also being respectful to the culture of this newly formed country and the specific site context. The design inspiration for most of the buildings takes direct cues from the geomorphic forms found on and around the site. The sitework has not only been designed to preserve and enhance the unique natural features on and around the site, but also to capitalize on these resources and fully integrate them into the daily life of all staff and visitors to the site.

Buildings and site structures have been designed to carefully mitigate environmental liabilities and energy loads (ie: high sun, high temperatures, and seasonally heavy rain) while ensuring that environmental assets including views of the adjacent landform, Jebel Kujur, the central landscape spaces, and on-site rock and geologic formations are preserved and enhanced.

19 acres
U.S. Department of State Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations
The Miller Hull Partnership
USGBC LEED Certification
Pursuing LEED Gold