Synthesizing creative tensions

The push-and-pull between ideas animates Knot Studio's work with complementary energy. It is through exploring the tension in paradoxes such as Human/System, Experimental/Practical, and Create/Sustain that innovation happens. We believe that paradoxes can and should coexist, leading to creative alternatives that engage both. Our work demonstrates that it is through the push-and-pull of paradoxical logic and integrative thinking that synthesis is possible.

Design Principle
Co-mingle ideas across disciplines. Act as members of a diverse, interdependent ecosystem of ideas and organisms.
Explore and contribute to the complex relationships of natural, designed, and/or informational spaces—sites of entanglement.
Attempt the unexpected, while still valuing context and use. Make the world more interesting with visionary new ideas and approaches.
Use values and process as guideposts; respect specialized expertise while working together closely and without information silos.
Design with compassion and consideration. Honor legacy, resist fads. Be a part of long-term solutions.
Expertise Entanglement Anti-disciplinary