Marilee Hanks

Principal, Managing Director & Owner

For Marilee, no challenge is too large and no detail too small. She embodies the essence of Knot—world-class design delivered by a close-knit team. Her passion for design exploration is endless and her global experience informs Marilee’s creative prowess. Clients can depend on her organizational mastery to navigate challenging project approvals, as well as the verbal and visual communication skills she employs to forge consensus on complicated projects around the world. Open to new perspectives from clients, Marilee listens without prejudice and responds with the decisiveness of an open-minded, consensus-building leader. Better leaders ask better questions. Her tireless work on every project is only complete when her clients are satisfied — which is the most gratifying outcome Marilee can achieve.

Favorite Knot Color Pairing
University of Michigan, Master of Landscape Architecture

University of Michigan, Bachelor of Science
Landscape Architecture
Washington #946
Oregon #LA676
Virginia #002003
Alaska #121335
Idaho #16901

SITES AP, GBCI#: 49730
CLARB #4366