Ecosystem of Ideas

We are a team of Environmental Graphic Designers and Landscape Architects with specialists in Environmental Justice and Ecological Planning, acting as members of a diverse, interdependent ecosystem of ideas. Our goal is to inspire stewardship in everyone who interacts with our work. We believe that our collective knowledge and experience will help strengthen the communities we serve by creating meaningful places for people to live, work, and play.


Synthesizing creative tensions

The push-and-pull between ideas animates Knot Studio's work with complementary energy. It is through exploring the tension in paradoxes such as Human/System, Experimental/Practical, and Create/Sustain that innovation happens. We believe that paradoxes can and should coexist, leading to creative alternatives that engage both. Our work demonstrates that it is through the push-and-pull of paradoxical logic and integrative thinking that synthesis is possible.

Design Principle
Co-mingle ideas across disciplines. Act as members of a diverse, interdependent ecosystem of ideas and organisms.
Explore and contribute to the complex relationships of natural, designed, and/or informational spaces—sites of entanglement.
Attempt the unexpected, while still valuing context and use. Make the world more interesting with visionary new ideas and approaches.
Use values and process as guideposts; respect specialized expertise while working together closely and without information silos.
Design with compassion and consideration. Honor legacy, resist fads. Be a part of long-term solutions.
Expertise Entanglement Anti-disciplinary