Climate-Ready Detectives Select Plants for the Future

Pacific Horticulture
Amid the tumult of rapidly shifting climate conditions, gardeners at every level are asking, “What can I plant now?” From drought to wildfires, floods, and frosts—weather events throughout the Pacific region are increasing in severity, frequency, and unpredictability, creating vivid ripple effects for our plants. Here public garden curators, nursery professionals, extension agents, and designers from the Pacific region share their perspectives.
–Erica Browne Grivas

Pacific Horticulture shares excerpts from experts in the Pacific region, including Knot Studio Principal Mike Yun, as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of Spring 2024. From microclimates to shifting hardiness zones, the article shares expert opinions shared by professionals in landscape architecture and horticulture.

The article can be found on Pacific Horticulture’s website.