Landscape Ecology

Socio-ecological Systems Approach

As global change continues to accelerate in dynamic and often confounding ways, we face critical questions about how best to manage resources and plan for a resilient future. Knot Studio’s Landscape Ecology practice brings expertise in spatial analysis and modeling, ecological inventory and assessment, and the application of informed research to a range of different project types.

Landscape Ecology Portfolio

Innovating Methods, Finding Alternatives

Grounded in the Field

Connecting at Landscape Scale

At the level of lived experience, people can’t be reduced to data points on a map; neither can the ecosystems in which they are embedded. At the same time, spatial and quantitative sciences offer incredibly powerful tools for understanding the socio-ecological systems we are a part of, and modeling the potential for change.

A throughline in our work is the willingness to include people in our systems models, and the structural inequalities that drive landscape pattern. As such, our work is oriented towards environmental and climate justice, in addition to conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem function for its own sake.

Our custom approach has been applied to regional conservation collaborative efforts, planning processes and natural resource management by public agencies, and site-specific landscape planning and design.

Landscape Ecology services include:

    • Spatial Analysis
    • Ecosystem Investigation & Assessment
    • Target-Species Habitat Analysis
    • Mitigation Planning + Design
    • Geographic Information System (GIS) Tool Development
    • Story Mapping and Spatial Apps
    • Visitor Capacity Analysis

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Process is discernible in the pattern of the landscape, if you know how to look. We bring the pattern into the light.

We consider biodiversity and ecosystem function in site-specific landscape design.