Hoke House

Portland, OR

The contemporary architecture of the house emerges from the hillside with strong angled geometry, offering a stark juxtaposition to the lush native planting along the south-facing slope.

The house was initially developed in 2007 with little consideration to its hillside siting and surrounding native landscape. Though the house was well-designed to capture dramatic views, the exterior spaces felt disconnected from one another and to the larger surrounding context. In 2012 as part of a renovation and addition to the west end of the house, the client and design team proposed an integrative design approach to rethink how the landscape could play a larger role and capitalize on its unique context. With a vision that looked at ecology, movement, and integration, the design team radically transformed the space and harnessed the processes already at work in the landscape.

The Hoke House sits in a dramatic woodland setting overlooking the Lower Macleay Trail in Northwest Portland.

2012 Oregon ASLA Merit Award
The design makes use of all Oregon native plants, many of which are found naturally surrounding the property and the park below. The planting repairs areas damaged during construction.