U.S. Embassy Niamey

Niamey, Niger
Contextual Research of Culture and Ecology

Looking to capture the essence of Niamey by studying the Nigerien capital’s people, landscapes, and ecology, Knot focused on a landscape design solution that drew ecological inspiration from the region’s sometimes harsh environment—located as it is in a zone between the tropical West African coast and the Sahara Desert.

The 11-acre compound includes an administrative building, security guard residence, community facilities, and additional support buildings. Knot’s design takes cues from local culture, history, and environmental patterns. The country’s high annual average temperatures, accompanied by periodic intense rainfall and high wind, influenced a landscape design that is sustainable and supports staff and visitor health and welfare. A consular garden extends from the consular entrance near the center of the building, with a grove of mature trees providing much-needed shade. At the same time, biofiltration captures and mitigates the deluges of rain. Knot’s contextual research of the culture, its climates, and ecologies inspired a palette of plants that work in harmony with the sub-Saharan surroundings.

For a deeper look, see our case study.

24.2 acres
U.S. Department of State Bureau of Overseas Building Operations
The Miller Hull Partnership